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Web hosting can make an enormous difference between a stable and reliable platform to conduct your business and a nightmare waiting to happen. We have a one goal: Help consumers find web hosting companies they can trust with their websites. There are thousands of hosting companies out there, and new ones are popping up every minute. It's our job to weed out the quality service providers form the fly-by-night operations trying to make a quick buck. Learn the tips and tricks you need to know to get the best web site hosting.

Web hosting Guide
Dedicated or shared web server
Should I rent a dedicated or shared Web server? Shared, or virtual, servers are usually more than adequate for low volume or entry-level sites. Sites with highly sensitive information, high volume, or special software requirements will probably need a dedicated server. The chart below shows the major differences between shared and dedicated Web servers.

Ten Steps to Changing Your Web Host
How to change Web hosting services without disrupting your online business. Read these ten steps to a simple transition.

Bandwidth Monitor
As it relates to Internet-based systems, bandwidth is the data rate that can be supported by your network connections and pipelines. A bandwidth monitor measures bandwidth usage.

Database Hosting
Database hosting is where a server that stores and manages databases is located off site at a hosting company. The hosting company provides access to the Internet and leases the use of the database hosting server.

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Keep it simple!

Web Hosting can seem pretty complicated. Don't be afraid! These days hosting a website is easier than ever. With all the new tools available to you as a web hosting consumer you can get your site online with little or no technical hosting knowledge.

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