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What you need to know about selecting a reliable hosting service for your online business.

Keep it simple!

Web Hosting can seem pretty complicated. Don't be afraid! These days hosting a website is easier than ever. With all the new tools available to you as a web hosting consumer you can get your site online with little or no technical hosting knowledge.

That being said, not all hosting companies are created equal. While there are plenty of great hosting providers in the industry, there are also many less reliable hosts operating on outdated technology, or re-selling bargain basement service.

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Top 10 web hosting companies

Welcome to our Top 10 Showcase! Of the thousands of web hosting companies - these are some of the best. We factor in numerous variables to arrive at the top 10 list. This is an honor reserved for those web hosting companies that go above and beyond in products, service, and quality.

Web Hosting Reviews
Internet's most popular hosting service providers' reviews. Including Yahoo, Startlogic, Dreamhost and more.

Hosting Quick tips

More storage = Better service?

In the last couple years there has been a war between hosting companies over how much storage their plans offer.   This has been a great thing for the hosting consumers out there.   Not long ago, the average hosting account offered 50-200 MB of storage.   These days, you should expect no less than 1GB (sometimes even 2gb or 5gb) of web space on your new hosting plan.

Now, here's the Catch!

Many hosting companies made serious technology compromises to compete in the storage war.   Often, switching from expensive ISP grade hardware to much cheaper, consumer grade storage devices. So watch out for anyone offering an insane amount of storage with their entry level account.   If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.   Besides, the vast majority of websites will never come close to using up all of their space.

Start small, don't buy a tractor to mow your lawn.

Yes, that's right, we said it! There is such thing as too much when it comes to hosting!

The most common mistake people make when selecting their new hosting plan is they tend to be attracted to larger, more expensive plans then they really need.  

The new breed of hosting accounts available today are incredibly affordable and powerful. So do yourself a favor, save some money and get started on a basic hosting package.   Any reliable host will gladly let you upgrade your account down the road when you really need it.   This will save you from jumping into a big over-powered, complicated server until your site is ready for it.

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