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Custom Chocolate Awards

Rewarding an individual or group for a job well done, with the perfect item, can be a daunting task. There are hundreds of different products that you can choose which include engraved wooden plaques, custom acrylic awards, medals and embroidered shirts. The problem for the recipient is often finding a place to showcase their award.

Recently, we have seen a significant increase in the number of custom chocolate awards orders being placed by company's and individuals to show employees or individuals their appreciation for a job well done. Our full size foil wrapped, semi solid Belgian milk chocolate champagne bottle, comes with a totally personalized printed label. This item is over 12 inches tall, weighs over 12 ounces and looks like the real thing. With alcohol no longer a politically correct item to hand out, this milk chocolate version is a great alternative. This chocolate bottle can be displayed on a shelf or desk until the urge to consume the chocolate starts to get the better of you. Another very popular award product is our chocolate achievement medallion with a satin neck ribbon.

I have been told by many of our clients that the recipients wear the chocolate medal long enough to have their picture taken and then they consume the award. This item is available in milk or dark chocolate, as well in your choice of gold, silver, or bronze metallic foils. We can personalize anything you want into the chocolate, from a company logo, name or verbiage. This will show through clearly in the foil as well. You can also have a custom printed label added to the back of the medallion to really complete this award. We have added a chocolate trophy cup to our extensive chocolate awards product line.

These trophy cups weigh 2.5 ounces and are 3-3/4" x 3-1/2" and come in your choice of either milk or dark chocolate. You can have a logo or company name embossed into each piece or save the $95 mold charge by using our stock piece which has the word excellence engraved into the piece or hand out the trophy cup with nothing embossed into the side.

If your event has an academy awards type of theme to it we have an eight inch tall milk chocolate statue which comes wrapped in bright gold and black foil to emulate a real statue. This piece is also flat backed, but we have added enough surface area, so that this piece will indeed stand up by itself. This piece can also accommodate a custom printed label which would be applied at the base for that perfect finishing touch. This item has 2 smaller versions available as well. If you are looking to replicate a certain type of award, our team of skilled mold makers would welcome the opportunity to create that special item for your event or awards ceremony.

By choosing to use custom chocolate as an award alternative you will insure that your event will be a sweet success. Please visit our website www.choconet1.

com or contact one of our knowledgeable chocolate consultants at 877-924-6206. Ordering online could never be easier! Ordering Customized Chocolate plus well over 300 different categories can easily be ordered through our website. The process is sophisticated, but easy all at the same time: 1. Click on the category e.

g. Corporate Chocolate 2. Select the category e.g. Trade Show 3. Select the type of chocolate e.

g. Customized Chocolate Coins or Business Card 4. Then customize the chocolate in a simple step by step process: a. Add a logo (just upload an image) or your own text or both b.

Choose a foil wrap and the color c. Choose a gift box if you'd like d. Choose to hot stamp the wrap and / or the gift box if applicable e. Choose your quantity f. Add it to your cart g.

Choose your preferred shipping method h. Order using your Credit Card or Debit Card and you're done! Other customization options online include: 1. Text ? font and style 2. Packaging ? gift boxes, gift bag varieties 3. Candy colors 4. Labeling 5.

Custom Ribbons 6. Presentation Containers Mike Adler, founder of Choconet ? "We have the broad experience, a sophisticated and easy to use ordering process, a great product category, an ever-growing online presence and a great passion for what we do. We feel that this is a winning combination and look to the future with great optimism and enthusiasm." Choconet has provided "all things chocolate" to corporate clients and to individuals for special social events and gift giving for over a decade.

Corporate clients customize their chocolate for promotional and event planning including conventions, new product releases, new corporate identification programs, executive gift giving, or just to say thank you. Customized Chocolate is now as easy as going to the website or picking up the phone or faxing directly. It all comes down to a tasty game of memory: the promotional tools help people associate your company with their latest greatest culinary experience. If you have an idea or concept that is not shown on our comprehensive website, then please feel free to contact one of our knowledgeable chocolate consultants, who are anxiously waiting to help you make your next promotion a sweet success.

J. Tang is a writer on custom chocolate awards, Special Occasion Chocolate Gifts and customized chocolate for Choconet1.

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