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Digital Audio Mixers to Buy or Rent

No one watching a live television broadcast such as the Grammys or the Academy Awards show, could fathom all that goes on behind the scenes! It may look smooth as butter on your television screen, but just beyond what the camera sees lies a veritable hive of activity complete with cameras, long swinging jibs, boom mikes, many focused technicians, and miles and miles of cords. What may look spontaneous is anything but! One of the most crucial jobs falls on the sound personnel. For a medium that evolved from movies with no sound, sound has become all important now. State of the art digital audio mixers have made amazing strides in sound technology. Sound engineers have learned to prefer the Yamaha PM5D and PM1D as well as Digidesign's more economical Profile.

No matter the brand loyalty they evince, sound technicians will tell you it is good to stay on top of new software and downloads and to have a dealer that is knowledgeable. Whether you are renting a mixer for a rock tour or a live mobile broadcast or looking to upgrade a sound system in a church or concert hall, you want to make sure you are working with professionals who have your best interest in mind, professionals with a obsession for great sound production. Digital audio mixers, while they are easy to run by the flick of a fingertip, take skill. It is important to be completely trained if you expect to get the most out of your new system. Complete training should come with any purchase or rental, and follow up support is a must.

A first-rate staff member should show you how to put your audio console through its paces, either in the showroom or on the production site. Finding an excellent sound supplier is critical, and no sound establishment in the world has a more impeccable reputation that Hi-Tech Audio. The best sound technicians in the industry turn to them for every need.

Steve Collins is an Author and Journalist based in Encino, CA. A seasoned audio engineer, he has used Digital Audio Mixers in a wide variety of recording and broadcast situations. Read his reviews of Digital Audio Mixers

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