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Global Herald Network

Global Herald Network -- More Than Your Typical Private Community Network Have you ever looked for a way to communicate a message to people in many different parts of the world at the same time? Have you ever wanted to have a place that you could track hits to your posts and see what people are looking at the information you are sharing? How can you know if your posts or banner ads are effective if there is no accurate way to judge who is reading what you wrote? Well, if you have questions like these, read on there is a solution. Have you ever had a question that you needed to get as many different answers so you could figure out which solution to a problem would be best for you? What would you be willing to do to have the freedom to get questions answered by people from all parts of the world? What would you be willing to do to have your messages or website brought to all corners of the world with one single ad? Well, look no farther, there is a solution that will meet and surpass your wildest expectations and its called "Global Herald Network". Now you are probably thinking to yourself I have tried Community Networks before and too many post or reposts are required to get the message across to the entire world. Well, that may be true of most networks but not with this one. Have you used one of the Community Networks available today? If so you probably think a community network is a community network.

You may also think they are all the same. Well, now with the brand new Global Herald Network, that is no longer true. Global Herald Network allows its users to its client software, Herald, to share announcements around the world regarding any subject. You can virtually share information with your neighbor or with people that are thousands of miles away.

Global Herald Network has incorporated the necessity of communication and the conveniences of multiple responders and wrapped it into one simple box. Have you ever posted an ad for more than one location on some of the other Community Networks? That could, depending on how many locations you want the ad in, take a long time to submit the ad to each location. Have you ever done this and wished someone would create a way to submit your ad to the whole world with one submission? Well, your wishes have been granted. Thanks to Global Herald Network, you now can get your ad to everyone, anywhere, with internet access and that is just the start. Global Herald Network has taken the inconveniences of other Social Networks and made them obsolete. What does Global Herald Network offer that makes them superior to all of the other Community Networks available? You can take a look at the features and decide for yourself if they truly are better at http://www. Global Herald Network is the first peer-to-peer based news network. It has achieved what prior to now be impossible and the best part; there are no pages to load and abundant features to offer.

See you soon on Global Herald Network.

Katmet is author of this article on Herald Community Network. Find more information about Your World Announcements here.

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