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How to Quickly and Easily Drive Tons of Ultra Responsive Targeted Traffic and Succeed Making Money Online Use an Extra Ordinary Article Submitter

Every successful internet marketer knows that getting hordes of targeted traffic to a website spells the difference between success and failure. To succeed in promoting a website and the products in them or to promote other websites as an affiliate or pay per click; it is not enough to have a good product, an attractive site or a well-placed sales letter. What is important is the number of visitors to these sites. These visitors come because they have needs and are hopeful to find them in the website! This is almost as saying that they are ready buyers and these are the people that internet marketers dreamt to attract. Every successful internet marketer also knows that they have really tried the hard way and have spent countless hours poring over data and information in order to uncover the roads to richness.

The truth is everybody wants to get rich, and we know that internet marketing has the awesome power to catapult one to achieve his dreams. Surfing through the internet would reveal hundreds of internet marketing methods which all promised to be true. Yet out of these ways, there is a method that ensures success in making money online-and that is article writing! Writing in the internet is a proven way to attract those targeted traffic that every internet marketer wants. The reason for this is that any high quality content article has a select circle of readers who are always anxious to get information that they might find useful.

With an estimated hundreds of millions of readers online with varied interests, a writer could be sure to have his own ready and responsive readers who can turn out to be high value customers. When they read an article that is related to their fields of interests, they are motivated to visit the site referred to in that article. The resource box in the article with a link back to the site will motivate them and guide them to the site and the product the internet marketer is promoting. Sounds simple, right? But it is not! If writing an article and putting a back link on it is quite easy; submitting them to hundreds of article directories is the hardest part. One must not forget this cardinal rule to succeed making money online-IT IS NEVER A GAME OF CHANCE, BUT INSTEAD IT IS A GAME OF NUMBERS! And in order to win the game, one must be able to post his article to hundreds of article directories. Submitting an article to hundreds of directories is really a very tedious process.

Imagine registering oneself, confirming his registration by validating his link, logging in, copying and pasting the title of the article, its body, the keywords, selecting the appropriate category and pasting his data as an author, which if he neglects makes everything useless, then logging out and going over the same procedure in other directories. It is a tedious process that after submitting an article to just a few article directories, the writer will have already lost all his enthusiasm and call it quits. Remember, to succeed making money online is a game of numbers, and this can only be achieved by posting an article to numerous article directories. How will this be resolved? The answer is to use an article submitter! An article submitter is a special software that already has hundreds of article directories in its data base. It takes charge in registering the author, logging in, posting the article, logging out and doing the same procedure in all the directories in its data base. An article submitter is like a robot that does everything in behalf of its boss and thereby spares the writer from the tedious process of posting his article.

This will surely saves time and the writer can spend his time in writing more articles. A writer must be choosy in using an article submitter. He must ensure that the article robot must have all the features to fully drive those hordes of traffic and maximize his earnings. It must be extra ordinary enough to meet the requirements of its user. Some of the features of an article submitter that writers need are: 1. It has the ability to post smoothly to hundreds of article directories automatically logging in, posting, submitting, selecting the categories and logging out without prompting the author; 2.

It can be managed so that the writer can choose the article sites he wishes to post; 3. It can generate the required submission report so that the writer can tract his articles and avoid duplication; 4. He can add articles sites of his choice; 5. It has some extra features like automatic submission to safelists; and 5.

It is easy to use. Since everybody dreams to succeed making money on line, he has the option to use whatever tool his hands could grasp, after all, winning is a matter of extraneous efforts, determination and using the best tools.

FLORENCIO JR. L. SEVILLA is a freelance writer. He has published websites and does affiliate marketing. He resides at Calaran, Calamba, Misamis Occidental, Philippines. For more info about article robot please check:

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