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HughesNet used for commutation during the San Diego Fires

The recent fire disaster at California has affected a major area of San Diego. Orange County and Malibu was also severely affected. The fire had destroyed many houses, affected the power supply and has almost destroyed the entire telecommunication services.

There was no form of communication for either the business or the families. And to restore all these communication it will take numerous weeks for the service provider. But for HughesNet Satellite Internet services, the situation was not so bad. It was a blessing in disguise for many people staying in the interiors.

They were previously denied broadband service by many internet service providers. But these were all based upon dial-up, DSL and broadband technology. HughesNet on the other hand is a totally satellite based Internet service. All subscribers can have hassle free Internet connectivity if they use the HughesNet Satellite Internet connection.

They could communicate with their friends and relatives with ease. The situation became more vivid when the emergency vehicles and trucks used this technology with the assistance of HughesNet. The use of this technology was also noticed during Hurricane Katrina, Wilma and Rita and also during the tragic 9/11.

Whenever one needs emergency communication, HughesNet is always at service. It has proved itself a very effective communication tool in all kinds of national and international disaster management scenarios. Another positive aspect of this service is its mobility. It is easily transportable and can be used at the remotest areas with its self-pointing antenna structure.

Also, its bandwidth can be scaled as per the requirement of the job and budget. Its fast deployable technology is flexible to meet any requirement of a state, a country or the world at large. All these superior capability of HughesNet has proved very effective in fighting the disaster of the San Diego fire. The satellite solution of HughesNet is an extremely effective tool for those who desire hassle free internet service or require a back up internet support system. The service offered is also exemplary with great rates for both home and business users.

The best part is of course the speed which can go up to 2.0 Mbps and this is maintained even during disasters. The service was up to the mark and never failed in providing continuous communication during the catastrophe. HughesNet has a separate service line called as Continuity of Operations Solutions (COOP) which offers specialized services during an emergency.

There are many Government departments and private emergency response teams which use HughesNet solutions during an emergency. The services are supported by 24/7 online and telephone support teams. Emergency vehicles are fitted with the HughesNet mobile Satellite dishes helping to communicate effectively from the disaster sites. This helps in removing the communication barricade that is so common during an emergency. The wide array of services has pushed up the HughesNet customer base across the globe. The number of subscribers has gone up to more than 27 million.

And the lucky few were in San Diego and have enjoyed hassle free Internet Service from HughesNet.

Nathan Hughes is the author of this article on Hughes Net. Find more information relating to Satellite Internet, WildBlue and Spaceway 3 here.

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