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Like any other business, online and electronic business also needs skillful sales and service, merchandising, and marketing. Actually, careful application of all these business concepts is crucial in e-commerce than in any other business, considering the inertia of online buyers. Even a single bad online experience can discourage a customer from visiting that particular website again. Create your website In an ecommerce business, you must have a website that could be transformed into an online store. Thus, the first step is to register your URL through a registration company online.

Second, select e-commerce software that has all the essential features like minimum maintenance and easily order processing. You must also check whether the software can place the search engine promptly and provide quality support for promoting and selling your products and services. There are several e-commerce solutions available to create your online catalog, out of which you have to select one that is user-friendly so that you learn it fast.

It is advisable that you check the software for flexibility of adding customized features when you need them. Start Your Online Store A successful e-commerce site comprises three elements ? a shopping cart, payment getaway, and merchant account. ? Shopping Cart: It is a complex software that allows you to take orders, calculate tax and shipping, display products, and build an online catalog. You can select from a range of shopping carts programs depending on what products you sell. Some programs are quite simple and others are highly sophisticated with special features such as true order management, catalog building, wish lists, gift registries, and real-time UPS shipping calculations based on weight, ZIP, and type of shipping selected. ? Payment Gateway: It automatically processes sales and authorizations online, reducing processing time dramatically.

It is advisable to get payment gateway bundled with a merchant account. By doing so you avail the payment gateway at a discounted rate. If you use Pay Pal, Yahoo! Merchant Solutions store, and some other hosted systems, the payment gateway is already supplied. ? Merchant Account: This account enables you to accept payments for the products sold. You can use a bank or any other financial institution to accept and deposit credit card payments into your account. Usually, your bank will have an online facility for your transactions and fees associated with this service.

Make sure that you select your shopping cart first. You can then select a merchant account and payment gateway compatible with your shopping cart. Get your business rolling For operating your business successfully online, you must get visitors to your site.

Majority of them will get your reference through search engines. Hence, do key word research to obtain a list of key words that can be used in your site information so that the visitors find you. Include these keywords in product names and descriptions. You will also have to design a shipping process after selecting a shipper to establish a successful order fulfillment process. Ensure security and trust Tell your customers who you are and state your privacy policies.

Provide secure transactions and make payments easy for the customers. You may also use privacy certificates, escrows, and digital security to promote trust among your customers.

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