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Submissions involve the transmission of certain targeted information pertaining to your website and business across the web primarily related to increasing the promotion value of your website as measured by online presence and, more specifically, search engine presence. There are several different kinds of submissions that Optimum7 includes in its SEO services all aimed at improving the visibility / search engine rankings of the website. The following Optimum7 sub-specialties are all essential to achieving maximum search engine performance: ? Search Engine Submissions ? As the name indicates this involves the direct submission of your website data to over 1,000 search engines based in North America ? obviously there are many more worldwide for our clients with specific marketing objectives globally.

It is important to be indexed by all of the major search engines. Optimum7 SEO guarantees indexing within one month. Special Note: Search Engines do not require more than a one-time submission; you should ignore those who insist to you that this must be done monthly and even more often and charging specific additional fees for this service. Search Engines need to know you exist to allow their "spiders" to crawl your website and accompanying pages.

Properly done, this is a one-time procedure. ? Website Directory Submissions ? Optimum7 has identified over 3,000 online directories across the web that provide valuable additional opportunities to gain relevance with the search engines. Optimum7 SEO, necessarily, manually submits our client's sites to these directories. These submissions provide valuable off-site visibility, but more importantly, generate backlinks (one way links directly into your website) which score major points with Google and other major search engines. We select the correct combination of Titles and Descriptions for these submissions to get the highest popularity and visibility. ? Article Submissions ? these submissions, both the volume and the quality, are the most important submissions as measured in "pound for pound" effectiveness in gaining high search engine rankings and visibility.

The fuel for these submissions is CONTENT; the "high octane" CONTENT is targeted at specific keywords and is unique, original material in TEXT. There is no option here; no shortcut and no workaround. It must be the central commitment of our clients. Optimum7 provides Copywriting Services so those clients that do not have the human resources have the lifeline they need to be really serious about consistently high SEO rankings. Optimum7 is involved with over 1,100 quality online article directory services. Through these services the article submissions are picked up and published on the publisher's site under various categories and indexes of their own.

The Google Spiders take note of the link between this content and the corresponding content located within your website. The result ? big points every time! The websites with the most points wins! As noted in our other writings, the web starts to feel more and more like the real world. ? Press Releases ? as with Article Submissions, these submissions carry heavy weight with the Search Engine Spiders. Optimum7 uses over 10,000 online media outlets or distributors of these Press Releases for interested publishers. The more quality the content, the greater the "pick-up rate" of the online publishers. This directly impacts online visibility both in the online media but, as always, more importantly with the Spiders.

As with Article Submissions, a full and continual commitment must be made to this. There is never enough unique, quality content. The more you have the more you will be seen and the more business will come to your site. ? Product Feed Submissions ? as the name indicates, this is most often associated with those actually transacting business ? ecommerce or online shopping cart applications. For instance, Google and MSN have special area components where our clients have their products are submitted or "fed." These products are indexed and made visible to interested visitors to their product areas.

These often translate into huge new exposure for shopping cart items for our clients. Similarly, we feed the same products to the all-important shopping comparison sites such as, bizrate.

com and All of these submissions have had the combined impact of materially increasing the conversion rates (purchases) of our ecommerce clients. ? Site-Map Submissions ? all of the content that is published online, as already detailed, must also have corresponding or complementary content on-site (within the website) itself.

This closes the loop for the Spiders so that they can make the correct determination as to relevance; that is what the Spiders are there for. Content changes on your website entail the necessity for Site-Map Submissions. The Site Map tells the Search Engines the layout, on-site links, and the overall relationship of all of the pages within the site. The Site Map changes when the website changes with new content containing links to and from other pages on the site. The Site Map submissions importantly alert the Search Engines of this change to make sure that the Search Engines are aware of the freshness of the content and the rate of change of your content. This insures that your site will get the rankings it deserves and also increases the "rate of crawl" ? the frequency of spider crawl.

The more the spiders crawl the website, the better for your website in the obvious ways. Optimum7 performs all of these submissions as part of our Search Engine Marketing Services. We do not charge fees for these individually or collectively. As stated in many of our other writings, we perform a premium service; we do not offer partial measures or "tactics" or tricks.

We focus on the ROI of our clients through the full application of a full array of services executed through a focused strategy which obviously includes many kinds of online submissions. is an Online Marketing Company with primary focus on Small and Mid-Sized Enterprises (SME's). offers a rich consultative approach that our clients find refreshing. We actually listen to our clients to learn exactly what their problems and objectives are. Submissions.

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