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Internet Typos

The term internet typo refers to a typographical error when typing WWW (World Wide Web) URL's and keywords. A typical example of a WWW typo is typing www.msn,.com instead of www.msn.

com. Similarly, a user can enter an incorrect keyword in Google and other search engines resulting in a typo. For example, a user looking for 'used cars' might accidentally enter the keyword 'usde cars'.

Although, most search engines are capable of detecting user typos and actually offer suggestions (a keyword search for 'usde cars' will trigger Google to offer a suggestion like: Did you mean: used cars), there is specialized software available called a typo generator that is designed to generate user typos. Typo generators are designed to generate random typos based on a URL or a keyword. For example, a typo generator will produce the following results for the keyword 'used cars': sed cars, ued cars, usd cars, use cars and so on. A typo generator is used by webmasters, search engine optimizers and internet users for a variety of purposes. Below are the major applications of typo generators: In search engine optimization: Typos are incorporated into search engine optimization to target traffic outside the usual parameters and the only way a search engine optimizer knows which typos to target is by using a typo generator. Search engine optimizers make sure that all major typos are a part of the 'keywords' Meta tag and when a keyword typo occurs the website shows up for the search.

In addition, it is also possible to incorporate popular typos in a webpage's content to increase the web page's visibility for popular typos. It is vital to remember, that internet users don't really care how they get the search results as long as they get relevant search results. So even if there is a typo in the search phrase, if the search result is meaningful a user will proceed to click on the URL. On auction sites An auction with a misspelled item description or heading attracts very little traffic, resulting in fewer bids and allowing bidders to buy items for less.

For example, if a user puts up a 2 GB mcro (instead of micro) SD card up for auction, only typo searches for 2 GB mcro SD cards will lead to the auction in question. Typo generators can help people find typos for a popular item, helping them find items at far lower prices than usual. In fact, there are numerous typo generators and websites that help bidders find eBay auctions with typos in their item descriptions or headings.

For diverting traffic from WWW typos Typo generators are used not just for incorrect keywords but also for incorrect URLs. For example, a user can accidentally type in in place of A webmaster can actually register the domain and have thousands of users accidentally visit mns.

com without spending thousands of dollars in SEO and advertising costs. It is not surprising that is also a search engine.

It is also possible to divert traffic from popular websites like to other websites by knowing which typos to target. WWW typos are a little more complicated when compared to keyword typos, as it is impossible to register every possible WWW typo domain.

However, it is possible to estimate which WWW typo can be targeted with reasonable success. In fact, websites like Google have already registered various WWW typos to avoid typosquatting. For example, the domains, and gooogle.

com all point to Banks and financial institutions are also using typo generators to protect their customers from fraudulent websites and Phishing as hackers and password thieves have started using WWW typos to fool customers into thinking they are dealing with a genuine online banking site. Visit to generate WWW and keyword typos.

Jared Lamb is the author of this article on Typo Generator for WWW COM Domains. Find more information about Misspellings and Typoshere.

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