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MidPhase Review - trusted by 80,000 customer - 200GB storage space, 3000GB monthly bandwidth. - 24/7 support, live chat support, toll free phone. - Free ads credits, free setup, free domain for life. - Email, ftp, subdomain, MySQL, paypal & ecommerce. - Midphase Coupon: GOTAPEX-ROX-BIG-DISCOUNT At mid of august i sign up to a server uptime monitoring service, and used it to monitor this midphase hosted website.

I sign up to their premium service and their monitoring server are from few location all over the world. This will give the overall service uptime from world wide point of view. Hopefully you will find this midphase uptime report useful as well. So far this midphase hosted website is having good uptime of 100%. Except on the 30th August where there is 3 outage or midphase downtime. And this website is not accessible for 30 minutes to one hour time.

My guess will be system maintenance or some ISP route failure or midphase server downtime. This are the few possibility. Below are the screen shot for midphase uptime, and on average its having a good uptime: Are you website require high monthly bandwidth for uploading and downloading files? And its hard to estimate how much bandwidth you will require for the next month either.

Here is when you will need to shop for unmetered bandwidth hosting plan. Unmetered bandwidth hosting means that the hosting provider will not monitor or keep track how much bandwidth you already used up and how many remains for the month. Usually in cpanel control panel, you can see the bandwidth usage indicator on the left column.

That's the tracking of monthly bandwidth. For unmetered bandwidth hosting, these bandwidth usage is not being tracked and recorded. This also means that you will not hit the bandwidth limits. And you are allow to use as much as you want. Most the time, shared hosting plan, not only the unmetered bandwidth plan, will have usage limit. This will include the cpu usage limit, thread limits, files limit, mysql connection limits, and so on.

When you shop for unmetered bandwidth hosting, make sure your hosting plan are reasonable price. Usually these plan will cost extra 50%-100% compare to the shared hosting plan with bandwidth limits. Taking example the midphase hosting, their plan details at here .

Midphase normal shared hosting are price $8, and the unmetered hosting package will cost $13 dollars. Remember that you are getting what you paid for. And definitely there will not be $3 dollars unmetered bandwith hosting that going to allow you to use all the bandwidth as you like.

Shop wisely, and look for the right hosting plan always! From what i see, midphase does offers comprehensive set of technical support to their customer. And over the few months with midphase hosting, i been initiating few email to technical support, sales support, and also experienced their live chat with technical support department. Its too good to be true, very easy to reach them as well. I haven't have chance to give them a call or speak to their technical department so far. Midphase live chat and email support seem to get the job done so far! Previous experience with midphase support live chat is when my website down can the site can't load. Quickly i visited midphase homepage and initiate the live chat with technical support.

And i was inform that the server is in schedule maintenance work. So, there will be some downtime. Following are the midphase live chat system using the liveperson chat solution.

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