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Linux Web Site Hosting

Dedicated Linux web site hosting is where a company places it servers at an offsite secure data center to be managed by another company. It is referred to as Linux web site hosting because the operating system on these servers is Linux.

Linux Web Site Hosting Providers

Linux web site hosting is available from a wide spectrum of hosting providers. At one end of the spectrum some Linux web site hosting providers focus on low price with minimal services while at the other end are Linux web site hosting providers that offer a complete turn-key solution including management and monitoring of the hardware and software. What Linux web site hosting provider is right for you will depend on whether you can tolerate downtime on your servers and whether your internal IT resources are best used maintaining the system or on high value added tasks.

Linux Web Site Hosting Benefits

For most companies outsourcing their Linux web site hosting needs is an economic decision as the hosting provider supports multiple customers so they are less expensive than doing it internally and they have the redundant power, Internet and climate control capabilities to prevent costly downtime.

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