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The Top Internet Marketing Questions Answered Part

It's hard for us online marketers to get anywhere when we put questions to our colleages only to be presented with a long winded, complex and hard to understand answer. It's also hard for us online marketers to provide the answers to some of the biggest questions on our colleages lips when the answers themselves are not straight forward in any way. Both sides breed annoyance and frustration. That's why we've put together the top 15 questions that we get asked the most often, and answered them in the most succinct way possible, everything from resource building to provide a solid earning foundation for your businesses, to getting visitors and producing the most sales and profit from them, to specific reasons to why some succeed and some don't. This article is the first in 15 articles answering the top 15 most asked questions by newbie internet marketers. So what are we covering in these articles? To go straight for the throat and answer the most frequently asked questions by online marketers and to solve these problems right here and right now so that you never have to ask them again.

To lay down the big question of 'How do I get hits to my site?' and answer it in the most straight forward way. To lay down big question number two 'How do I build my list?' and answer you in the most straight forward way. To solidify and embed the concept of resource building and how they snowball and build themselves in your mind, the number one key to success. To lay down big question number three 'I've bought X amount of guides before and they didn't work for me. Why is this one different?' and to answer in the most straight forward way. To lay down big question number four.

'How do I get my affiliates to actually promote something, they don't seem to ever make any sales' and of course, to answer in the most straight forward way. To talk through each of the above questions in a discussion format to lock tight all the exits so that you can quickly, easily and thoroughly understand the answer to each one of them. Greetings, and welcome to the top fifteen quick-fire question and answers section. Throughout this area we're going to take fifteen of the most popular questions asked by online marketers, put them in a list, and answer them in the quickest possible way. The reason I wanted to get this in here, is because in many cases, it's not rare to see people who haven't reached their goals relating to online business, going from guide to guide, posting in forums asking these very general questions. More often than not, they're either ignored, people try to sell them stuff claiming this to be the big answer they've been looking for, or the answers they receive are just not straight forward enough and go off on tangents, don't give the full story or even deviate from the original question altogether.

I remember when I first started out, I was asking a lot of questions, gaining as much insight from anyone I could find. The frustrating thing was not only did I rarely get an answer of any substance that I could act on, but I can see now that half of it was total waffle anyway. It was almost like nobody actually knew the answers to what I was asking. And so, I present you with the top fifteen quick fire Q&A section, which will remove all the frustrations of not getting straight answers about, what are in my eyes, a mix of the top fifteen needs of marketers, coupled with what seem to be the most asked and least best answered questions. I hope this will make things a lot clearer for you.

Well thats the introduction out of the way, in article 2 we will get onto answering the first 4 questions detailed above.

Steve is the owner of and For part 2 of this article, please visit

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