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Start Logic

Possibly the fasted growing hosting company in the industry, Start logic has quickly made a name for themselves . Based in Phoenix Arizona , Start logic is running lean and mean, the way a hosting company should . Their 24/7 Phone support agents are polite and very responsive. A powerful, easy to understand vDeck control panel , quick and easy setup, and feature loaded hosting packages make Start Logic the best overall value .


Dreamhost has an infectious, free spirited sensibility that makes it's way directly to their clients. In their own words, they "have been happily hosting our clients' dreams (and websites) since April 1997". Dreamhost set's itself apart by leading a giant community of hosting fanatics that enjoy dreamhost's very open and vocal approach to their business. Aside from a great personality, they offer exceptional hosting plans, great support, and an incredibly loyal clientele. And, for you 'bleeding edge' types out there, dreamhost has been known to push the limits with new technologies.


If you're looking for rock solid, reliability, ipowerweb is the way to go. They lead the industry with their product offerings, and uptime. The company keeps a low profile when compared to some of the other, more flash hosts out there. Yet, they seem to have quietly found a winning combination with a strong track record, and build a giant network.

(mt) Media Temple

Often referred to as the 'Apple' of web hosting, ( mt ) Media Temple is the hosting provider of choice for the net's growing design community . One look at the ( mt ) Media Temple website and you know just how detail oriented this company is. Their 24/7 toll-free phone support is among the best. And you can expect zero problems getting up and running with their super user friendly account center. They offer the strongest and most reliable shared server on the market with free Urchin web stats and optional virus protection .


If you can remember a time before google ruled the world, there was Yahoo! And, when you're reviewing one of the largest companies on earth, there's not a lot to say. Yahoo's network is as big as they get. You can count on quality hosting, and reliable service. Their pricing could be more competitive, and the entry level product offerings are surprisingly light. An overall great host, but, expect to pay a premium for the big name.


Interland has a Microsoft -like reputation within the hosting industry. And let's face it, that's not necessarily a bad thing. Interland is a great company that seems to continue to grow and grow. They focus on their eCommerce product line and are a great fit for shopping/sales related business websites. Interland hosting plans tend to be a bit pricey, and their lower-end value plans are underpowered.

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