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What You Need To Take Note About A Corporate Blog

Starting a corporate blog is definitely a very powerful choice to grow a business. Blogs are very good tools when it comes to word-of-mouth marketing, effective communication with market, following up, branding, creating customer loyalty and others. However, therere some 7 crucial points you need to take note for a successful corporate blog.

1. Objectives

What are the objectives for the blog? Is it marketing, communicate tightly with the market, announcing products or events, building relationship with customers. If corporate bloggers are blogging just for the sake to join the corporate blogging trend, the blog will loses its attractiveness. I used to own a blog and advertise it heavily. I couldnt understand why visitors are not staying until I realize my blog have no objectives and people dont find it attractive.

2. Readers

Who will read your blog? Who are you targeting? You can write your blog for the market you are in and the customer who you want to follow up with. However, you need to make it clear because your blog will filter readers who are targeted. If you are writing to your customers, customers would find the blog attractive because the blog looks like specially made for them. Besides knowing you are writing for customers or the market, you need to understand your readers.

When you blog about your readers problems, pain and questions, they will find the blog even more attractive.

3. Who Is Writing

You need to show your readers clearly about who is writing the blog. What is his position in the company? Clearly defines what will he writes about the company. Dont use the word admin to write blogs.

It doesnt sound personal but too official.

4. Design

How your blog is designed is very important.

Besides making the blog easy to read, navigate and beautiful, you need to create a unique design that explains to readers what is the blog about. People judge a blog with their feel and experience. Before they start reading, they will look at the design first. If they find the design is bad, they will judge the contents are low quality before reading. Since most internet users surf many websites everyday.

So if the design tells them this is not what they are looking for, they will just leave. Your blogs design tells everything about your blog.


Writing style

Some corporate would still prefer to make each blog post official to announce events and new products. Thats fine. Writing in a conversational style with some personality makes readers feel listening to someone talking rather than reading a newspaper. Conversational style allows you to build strong relationship with your readers. However, make sure your writing style is consistent. Dont switch your writing style.

I read many blogs which announce new products and events. They are doing fine.

6. Follow Up

Make sure theres a method to follow up your readers. Encourage them to sign up RSS. RSS is a tool to follow blog readers.

You could use autoresponder services too. Every time you update your blog, use the broadcast function to tell your readers you updated your blog and remind them to come and read. This helps building strong relationship with your readers.

7. Comment Policy

Blogs are allowed to comment on. Your readers can give you their comment about your blog and blog post.

However, therere people who intent to destroy your blog or people who want to advertise their services. They will give bad comments that impact your blog and readers negatively. Set a policy for your comments. Make sure you delete those harmful comments and reply to comments that contribute to your blog.

Hope you get a big picture about the key points to have a successful corporate blog and start enjoy blogging.


About the Author (text)Read more basics and tips about corporate blogging at that talks about corporate blogging in Malaysia.

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